New team member at RegSmart!

“We are very pleased to welcome Mats Mårfält to RegSmart. His extensive regulatory knowledge and long experience from pharma industry and Swedish MPA will be most helpful in developing relevant regulatory strategies”, says Marie Gårdmark, CEO at RegSmart.

Mats Mårfält is a pharmacist educated at Uppsala university and with a career spanning over 40 years in global drug development. His primary areas are clinical research and regulatory affairs, with experience from major pharmaceutical companies such as at Bristol-Myers, Merck/MSD, KabiPharmacia and AstraZeneca with a focus on the EU regulatory system. Mats has also worked for several years at the Swedish MPA as Head of Regulatory Administration at the time when Sweden joined the EU and the current regulatory system was formed.

Mats will provide regulatory support with focus on strategic and tactical planning during the different drug development stages. He will guide you all the way from early regulatory activities, planning of scientific advice, pre-submission planning to finalization including procedural end-stage negotiations.