Welcome to RegSmart, Anders Juréus, senior consultant drug development

Welcome Anders Juréus! On April 19 you joined our team as senior consultant drug development.

What is your background, prior to joining RegSmart?

I have extensive and broad drug development experiences from the pharmaceutical industry as well as academia and regulatory authorities.

Most recently, I come from the Swedish Medical Products Agency were I held the position as clinical assessor and manager at the unit of Efficacy and Safety 1. There, I was involved in assessing clinical data and benefit/risk from all stages of the drug life cycle, from scientific advice at earlier stages of development, through the approval process, to evaluation of post-authorization activities and variations.

From the pharmaceutical industry, I have more than 10 years of experience of preclinical and translational drug development from positions such as lead biologist and team leader.

My scientific background is in neurochemistry and neurotoxicology, where I hold a Ph D from Stockholm University. I made my post-doctoral training at the University of Washington in Seattle, and I have been a project manager in clinical psychiatry at Karolinska institutet.

What are your strengths? How do you contribute?

My scientific background and combination of experience from both the pharma industry and regulatory authority. I have a special interest in diseases of the nervous system.

At a personal level I am strategic and team oriented and have genuine interest in the science behind drug development. I am motivated by the potential to solve medical needs.

What are you looking forward to at RegSmart?

To contribute by guiding customers to find the best road regulatory and scientifically that in the end will lead to safe and effective new drugs on the market.


Anders drug development experience will be a great contribution to broaden the competence and expertise within the RegSmart team!