Welcome to Regsmart, Gunilla Nygård, senior project leader

Most welcome, Gunilla Nygård!

On January 10, you joined RegSmart as senior project management consultant, adding a new service and key competence to our team of senior regulatory experts.

What is your background?

I have almost twenty years of experience from global drug development and project delivery at Astra Zeneca, from early phase to approval of a new product on the market, within several therapeutic areas – such as gastroenterology, neurology, analgesia, small and large molecules.

Most recently, I served as Head of Department, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery at Uppsala University Hospital for nearly nine years. This gave me valuable experience, knowledge and insights from the inside perspective of the healthcare system.

What are your strengths? How do you contribute?

I think my key strengths and core skills are strong and engaging leadership, with a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain for the pharma business. I am a committed project leader who likes to inspire people and to build well-functioning teams to reach set goals in each project.

I have the ability to translate ideas and visions to clear operational goals and plans. I like implementing them, through cooperation and clear communication with other functions and partners – such as medical clinics, universities and authorities. I like the challenges of working in complex organizations and to facilitate collaboration over regions and expertise.

Why is project management important?

In a development project, the setting of goals and structuring the use of time and resources is key.

As a project manager, you make sure that goals and quality levels are reached within set timelines. If deviations occur, you take action. If needed, you develop alternative strategies along the way, together with the team members and stakeholders.

In other words – the project management leader is responsible for the “helicopter view” at all times. This role and function is a critical factor for a successful project delivery.

What are you looking forward to at RegSmart?

To once again work within pharma development and to deliver cost and time-effective project management support to customers – in cooperation with my regulatory expert colleagues at RegSmart.


Gunilla´s experience within project management will be a great contribution to broaden the competence and expertise within RegSmart!