Important decisions taken early in the business process can have a big impact on the regulatory route you need to take. This is where we really see what difference we can make for your business. These initial discussions are those that will make the biggest impact on the success of your product strategy and your business.

As soon as you start to get the regulatory pathway clear for your product idea, your business will benefit considerably from regulatory strategic discussions on different possible product claims as well as different possible market areas, in order to set your product business strategy right from the start.

By having a detailed understanding of your product concept through your inventors or product developers, and by getting the understanding of what you would like the product to do for helping the patients and users, we will guide you through the regulatory requirements and the work needed to put different possible types of your product on the market.

With this input, you will understand how to strategically plan what intended use to claim for the first as well as the coming versions of your product idea.