Welcome to RegSmart, Eva Ragnarsson, senior consultant drug development

You have just joined our team as senior consultant, drug development.

What is your background, prior to joining RegSmart?

I am a pharmacist, with vast experience from a wide variety of drug product formulations intended for different administration sites, e.g. oral, parenteral and dermal routes. 

Most recently, I come from the Swedish Medical Products Agency, where I spent 15 years as a chemistry and pharmaceutical assessor evaluating the quality of drug substances and drug products prior to authorization. My responsibilities included provision of scientific advice, review of clinical trial applications as well as market authorization applications and variations. 

I also have a special interest in age-appropriate formulations for children and formulations for animals.  

What are your strengths? How do you contribute?

I think my strengths are my broad perspectives covering the development of different types of drug formulations intended for early development phases to the final commercial drug product.  

What are you looking forward to at RegSmart?

I look forward to providing valuable insights to projects by sharing my knowledge and broad regulatory expertise within the quality field and to help customers to put new and valuable medical products on the market, with the final goal to give patients access to these innovations. 


Evas´ drug development experience will be a great contribution to broaden the competence and expertise within the RegSmart team!